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About Chiropractic

Coyle ChiropracticBelow are some frequently asked questions regarding chiropractic services. Dr. Coyle realizes there will be questions with regards to your treatment and always welcomes discussing any treatment options with you. If you have any questions, other than those mentioned below, please do not hesitate to call or email the office.

How and why does Chiropractic help?

The human spinal column is formed by 24 bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are stacked on one another with vertebral discs between them acting as cushions. In the center of the spinal column there is an opening that provides a protective home for the spinal cord. Nerves exit the spinal column through the neural foramen and go everywhere in the body. The neural foramen is where interference to our innate intelligence often begins. When there is a misalignment of individual vertebrae it creates inflammation and muscle spasm in the area where the nerve exits the spinal column. When interference occurs, the wrong message is sent from the brain to the muscle, organ, joint or other part of the body and causes dysfunction. This dysfunction we begin to notice as pain, numbness, tingling and weakness and also causes indigestion, headaches, decreased immunity, fatigue and so on. My job as a Chiropractor is to remove the interference by performing a spinal adjustment, thereby easing the irritation to the nervous system and allowing the body to restore normal function through its natural healing process.

How do Chiropractic treatments help?

Chiropractic treatments relieve interference with the nervous system, thereby allowing the body to heal and maintain a healthier state of function. Many patients will seek out chiropractic care to strengthen their immune systems and fight off allergies and disease. The following are just some of the conditions and symptoms that can be treated by regular chiropractic treatment:

~Low back pain
~Leg pain
~Extremity weakness
~Shoulder pain
~Carpel tunnel
~Foot pain (plantar fascitis)
~Upper back pain
~Rib pain
~Knee pain
~Pinched nerves
~Muscle pain or stiffness
~TMJ pain
~Lumbar disc degeneration
~Spinal disc bulges and herniations
~Cervical disc degeneration




What is done as part of a Chiropractic treatment?

The traditional chiropractic adjustment is performed by the doctor applying his or her hands with specific, gentle pressure to the involved area of the spine. This helps to restore normal alignment, relieve muscle spasm, reduce inflammation and restore normal nerve function. This allows the innate intelligence to do its job in maintaining healthy body functions. Chiropractic spinal adjustments can also be delivered using specially designed instruments, which is determined by the individual patientís health and preference.

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